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Rules & Facts

Guild Rules

As a member, you are entitled to the limited/full benefits of the guild (depending on your rank). This includes, but is not limited to: participation in guild events, the use of our message boards and website, the use of guild chat in-game, the use of our Ventrilo server for you and your friends for WoW, and other activities. You have the right to speak freely about your concerns and ideas on the forums, on Ventrilo, and in-game. You have the right to information from the officers/assists and guild leader. They are obliged to answer all of your questions truthfully. You have the right to request assistance from guildmates in your adventures. You are at the same time strongly encouraged to help your guildmates when needed, but not required to be at everyone’s beck and call.

You are entitled to be treated fairly, equally and with respect at all times. On the same hand, you should treat others in the guild in the same manner.

You have the right to request a change in guild policy, rules, or anything else related to the guild. To do so, you need to post a poll in the General Discussion forum. If at least 30% of the member's votes and 70% or more is in favor, the requested change is accepted. The poll should run for up to 5 days max.

As a member of Horde Rock Cafe, you should be kind and courteous to all players in the game. You should not intentionally spam, insult, flame, or bad mouth players, GMs or chat channels, or do anything that reflects negatively upon the reputation of the guild or its members.

Discrimination or slander based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or anything that is not accepted in real life, will not be tolerated. Punishment will be swift and severe.

You should not harass, beg or complain to get people into your group, about being power leveled, teleported, resurrected, given loot, get enchants or items crafted. These things are not a right, but a privilege. If a member of the guild has time to help you in this way, that is that member’s decision. You cannot demand it from your guildmates.

Guild chat may at times get rude and you are asked to have a thick skin and not to take offense at things that are meant as a joke. However, cruel comments and sexual harassment to another player will not be tolerated. This will be punishable by either a warning or removal from the guild.

If you have any issues with other members of the guild, or other players, you will discuss those problems with the other person first. Do not bring issues to the officers unless you absolutely require mediation. We are all adults here and it is the belief of this guild that we can handle our own disagreements.

If an issue arises that cannot be resolved, you should act in a dignified manner and allow the leadership of the guild to hand out any reprimands if required.

Most importantly the guild is designed to enhance the enjoyment of the game for you and everyone that plays it. Do not cause undue stress or be disruptive within the guild for your own pleasure. Do not ruin the playtime of others.

These guild rules are subject to change at any time.

Guild Facts

Stay. Informed. Know. Thy. Guild.

What we do, what we are

  • Horde Rock Cafe is one of the largest and oldest guilds on the Area52 - US server. Currently over 900 members
  • Full 8 guild bank tabs. Everything any start-up would want to help him/her level, like armor & weapons, materials, buff food & potions, scrolls, glyphs, and recipes. Also: a dedicated tab with BFA armor and weaponry
  • Free repairs for all members!
  • Contests, Lotto drawings & Raffles... Win your gold!
  • Fair and honest promotions through the ranks
  • Guild officers to help you and our guild to stay on top
  • Ask an officer if you need a particular item to be made: they’re happy to find the right person for that
  • Open to everyone! No minimum levels or skills, no minimum or maximum age, no force-feeding. We’re a social guild, remember?
  • Casual raiding for all max-level characters
If you want to join, please send an in-game mail for an invite to Theos.

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