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HRC Raid Rules

HRC Raiding Rules/Guidelines

-First and foremost, please be aware that raiding can be, and usually is, very expensive. It costs a lot for items needed to raid with; flasks, gems, enchants, and especially an even larger amount for repairs. ESPECIALLY while we are learning the boss fight! You should consider all the costs of raiding before applying to a raid team.

-Sign up for raids on the calendar, and show up for them when you do. (When you can't, let us know in advance so we can adjust as needed)

Before and During the Raid:

-You MUST come to a raid "Ready to Go". This means:
  • Please be considerate to others and be on time. Plan to be online and ready 10-15 minutes before the raid start. If not at the raid entrance by start time we will need to find a replacement.
  • Have your gear repaired BEFORE the raid starts.
  • Have your Flasks, Potions, Runes, and Food Buffs on you before entering the raid.
  • Have ALL of your gear/weapon(s) gemmed and enchanted before the raid start.
  • Have all of your addons updated, active, and ready before the raid start.

-Be able to commit to the full assigned raid hours (usually 2-3 hrs) and days (usually 2 days) as much as you can and see the raid through from start to finish. We understand real-life emergencies may come up during/before the raid, just note that abuse of the real-life emergency exceptions could cause your removal from the team.

-Keep Discord chatter clear right before and during a Boss fight so the Raid Leader or Key Player(s) can explain mechanics or other issues.

-Announce in Discord/Raid chat when you need to go "AFK" (Away From Keyboard) so the rest of the team is aware.

-Follow all instructions given by the Raid Leader during a raid at all times.

-Please act and behave in a professional/friendly manner so as not to ruin the raid experience for anyone else.

Item drops that you do not need are handled as such:

  1. Link the unwanted item in raid chat.
  2. If the item is an upgrade for you please say so in chat/Discord.
  3. If only one player can use the item, the item should be passed to them.
  4. If more than one person can use the item, the RL/GM will determine which player it would benefit from it more. It will always be for the good of the raid team.
  5. The Raid Leader's decision will be fair and final.

Mandatory Addons:
  1. GTFO - This provides a loud audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in, which improves your situational awareness.
  2. Deadly Boss Mods - Gives on-screen warnings when bosses do their special abilities during an encounter. DBM has more timers for different events.

Highly suggested Addons:
  1. H.H.T.D. - "Healers Have to Die" places a mark over the healers that in the mobs so that you can down them first. Highly suggested that everyone gets this. This mod may become mandatory soon.
  2. Death Note - Gives you a detailed death recap for all players. Very useful in determining how someone died so that we can improve and progress further.

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