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How to Change Covenants in Shadowlands
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Sep 2020
How to Change Covenants in Shadowlands - All Quest Steps to Return to a Previous Covenant

All the quest steps to swap and return to a previous Covenant that you have abandoned are now available on the Shadowlands Beta. We go over all the steps that are needed in order to swap Covenants, and how long it'll take.

Please remember that this is Beta and subject to change at any point. This article was written during Shadowlands Build 35854.

Table of Contents

Changing Covenant Basics

Here are some of the basics that you should know when swapping Covenants:

  • Joining a Covenant for the first time is easy. Talk to the ambassador of the Covenant you wish to be and click through a couple of confirmation windows.
  • Returning to a Covenant that you have abandoned is much harder and requires the completion of some quests.

When returning to a Covenant that you have abandoned, you should retain any unlocks that you accomplished before you left, including Renown and Sanctum Upgrades.

Changing Covenants - Returning to a Previous Covenant

Step 1: Ambassador Chat
The first step is to talk to the Ambassador of the Covenant you wish to rejoin. As previously mentioned, they're upset that you have betrayed their trust and tell you to Prove Your Worth.

Step 2: Prove Your Worth Quest
After the Ambassador chat, you'll need to complete the Prove Your Worth quest by completing objectives in the relevant zone until the bar reaches 100%.

You can do any of the following objectives to progress the bar as long as it's in the correct zone.

  • Kill Rares and Rare Elites
  • Collect Treasures
  • Complete World Quests
  • Defeat Dungeon Bosses

While you can do all of the following, the most efficient way we've found to complete the bar is to spam dungeons. Difficulty doesn't matter, and each kill of a dungeon boss in that zone will net you 12% of a bar.

We'd recommend completing 2 dungeons with 4 bosses apiece, and complete a single World Quest to finish the objective. If you're a Necrolord, you can do Theatre of Pain and skip the World Quest.

Once you're done, head back to Oribos and turn the quest in where the Covenant's Ambassador will tell you that they need some time to figure out if they want to let you rejoin (spoiler: they will).

Step 3: Wait for the Next Weekly Reset
This one is relatively straightforward. Make sure you've actually handed in the Prove Your Worth quest from the previous step so that you don't waste a week.

Step 4: Rebuild Our Trust Quest
Once the Weekly Reset is complete, the Covenant Ambassador will have a new quest for you called Rebuild Our Trust. This quest asks you to do the exact same thing as Prove Your Worth.

We again recommend completing 2 dungeons with 4 bosses and completing a single World Quest unless you're a Necrolord who does Theatre of Pain.

When the objective is complete, you can return to Oribos to turn in the quest.

Turning in the quest immediately swaps your Covenant.

Once again, turning in the quest immediately swaps your Covenant. If there's anything that you want or need to do in your previous Covenant, you must do it before you turn in the quest.


Once you join your new Covenant, you can immediately start new steps to rejoin another Covenant if you wish by grabbing the new Prove Your Worth quest.

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