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Nathria Boss Artificer Xy'mox Drops 32-Slot Bag
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Sep 2020
Artificer Xy'mox, a boss in Castle Nathria, drops a 32-slot bag, the  Portable Pocket Dimension. It's not as exciting as the 34-slot bag  Papa's Mint Condition Bag from the pre-patch event, but this bag will be obtainable throughout Shadowlands, unlike the pre-patch bag which is only up for a few weeks.

Perhaps we'll see the storage size of this bag increased in a future beta build, as there's a pretty easy way to get a 32-slot bag already in Battle for Azeroth: crafting the  Embroidered Deep Sea Bag. There also aren't any new crafted bags in Shadowlands, so this recipe will still be useful if nothing changes!

Artificer Xy'mox appears to be a boss with a lot of flavor loot, as besides the bag, he drops the  Precisely Calibrated Chronometer with the curious use effect  Precisely Calibrated Chronometer, "Access current time designation on the local world." You can check out the latest loot tables in our recent post examining raid item levels.

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