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The Council of Blood Dance Intermission Reworked
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Sep 2020
Wowhead News
The Council of Blood Dance Intermission Reworked - Synchronized Dance with Your Raid

Ever since the Council of Blood showed up in Castle Nathria's dungeon journal, players have been excited about the dance intermission. The dance mechanic has now been reworked, removing the Vehicle Bar and giving you full control of your character. You'll have to complete a synchronized dance with your raid!

Table of Contents

The Council of Blood Dance Intermission

Every time you take a boss to 50% on the Council of Blood, a Dance Intermission starts. This used to be very simple and not very exciting because:

  • It brought up a Vehicle UI with predetermined buttons, instead of letting you control your character.
  • You were performing a dance, but you or your raid characters weren't moving or unique steps.
  • It was slow, and not very difficult.

Dance Intermission Rework

This has now changed as the Vehicle UI is completely gone, and players have to correctly move their characters using their standard movement keys along a random route. You'll have to follow little Dredger helpers in order to complete the dance by moving in the correct same direction and exactly 1 tile. Since players are actually moving, this means that you'll be able to see the entire raid doing a synchronized dance and it's awesome to watch!

This article originally had a bugged clip where the stun wasn't being applied, you can still watch that clip by clicking here. ... ulPeppermintTooSpicy

Failing the Dance still has the same punishments as before.
  • If you don't get to your spotlight in time, you will immediately die.
  • If you fail a dance move, you will be stunned for 30 seconds.

But now, your entire raid will be able to see you move the wrong way on the dance floor and get to laugh at you!

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