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Druids to Train Expert Riding to Fly in Shadowland
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Sep 2020
Wowhead News
Druids Must Train Expert Riding to Fly in Shadowlands

Druids have long enjoyed many benefits due to their shapeshifting capabilities, once of which has been the ability to avoid having to train  Expert Riding, saving them both time and gold, as the skill is immediately unlocked upon learning  Flight Form at level 58. This era has come to an end, however, as Druids on the beta are now required to visit a riding trainer and pay for  Expert Riding before they can actually shift into the new version of  Flight Form in Shadowlands.

The tooltip still states Master Riding, which appears to be a typo - Expert Riding grants the ability to fly at level 30 and is required to use Flight Form, while Master Riding unlocks maximum flight speed at level 40.

Ultimately, this change isn't hugely impactful as the 250 gold cost is trivial and it's not that hard to find a Riding Trainer, however, it is a serious blow to one of the unique themes of being a Druid. Warcraft has long suffered under the conflict of balance and equality versus flavor and roleplaying elements, with some players insistent on no classes having advantages that others don't, and Druids being able to fly earlier than other classes was certainly one of them. That said, it also feels like an unnecessary change when the impact is so low - things such as Demon Hunter double jump and glide feel like much bigger offenders in terms of advantages gained for the sake of flavor.

The level squish brings about many changes to flying, removing the artisan rank speed increase and allowing players to go straight from unlocking Flying with Expert to maximum speed training at Master, saving about 5,000 gold in the process. It also condenses the levels these skills are learned, although the relative point is pretty much the same - instead of learning Expert at level 60 and Master at level 80, you'll learn them at levels 30 and 40 in the new system. You can find out more about Riding, Flying, and Pathfinder in Shadowlands in our guide below.

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