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Welcome to the Horde Rock Cafe Guild Website - Area-52 (US)
Welcome to the Horde Rock Cafe Guild Website and Forums! Whether this is your first time here, an occasional lurker, or a regular website and forum contributor, you are part of a unique experience to this World of Warcraft guild.

Unlike many guild websites, this one is almost entirely a result of the people who post here, both in creating topics and in providing solid and thoughtful replies and advice to those topics. We are also self-policing, and work hard amongst ourselves to create and maintain a healthy atmosphere where people feel comfortable in asking almost any guild related question and confident that such questions will be well answered in a friendly and mature setting.

Our Guild Leader and Officers maintain a high presence here, as do most of our guildmates. Here we tend to focus our interactions to forum administration: removing bad posts, stickying good ones, moving posts that have found their way onto the wrong forum, dealing with trolls and spammers, and making the rare announcement or two. If you’ve landed here to speak directly to Blizzard, you’re probably in the wrong place. We've had that happen!

But don’t let that discourage you if that's the case. Just because we don’t have blue or green text doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you with excellent answers. On the contrary, over the years we’ve established ourselves as a guild chock full of helpful guildmates and posters who know what they’re talking about and who give you the correct advice you need (even if, sometimes, you didn’t realize that was the advice you needed).

We are self-policing, and over the years the posters here have developed a sort of standard, especially the many, many posters who volunteer time daily, weekly, and monthly to answer as many questions as they possibly can.

Because of this, I’m going to try to cover some of the basics and major points of our guild and how we run it throughout this website and forum. This should help guide you in getting the most out of it, whether you came here because of an issue you’re having with a guild member, or are looking for advice on how to handle loot, or are unsure of what to look for in a guild, or any other guild related issue.

I hope you find our guild site full of useful information!

– Ghoulette
How to Change Covenants in Shadowlands
16th Sep 2020 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

How to Change Covenants in Shadowlands - All Quest Steps to Return to a Previous Covenant
All the quest steps to swap and return to a previous Covenant that you have abandoned are now available on the Shadowlands Beta. We go over all the steps that are needed in order to swap Covenants, and how long it'll take.

Castle Nathria Raid Trinket Procs
14th Sep 2020 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Early Look at Shadowlands Castle Nathria Raid Trinket Procs
The latest Shadowlands build added several procs to Castle Nathria raid trinkets! This list is subject to change before Shadowlands launch, as all of the trinkets have placeholder names, no sources, and we've...

Nathria Boss Artificer Xy'mox Drops 32-Slot Bag
14th Sep 2020 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Castle Nathria Boss Artificer Xy'mox Drops 32-Slot Bag
Artificer Xy'mox, a boss in Castle Nathria, drops a 32-slot bag, the  Portable Pocket Dimension. It's not as exciting as the 34-slot bag  Papa's Mint Condition Bag from the pre-patch event, but this bag will be obtainable throughout Shadowlands, unlike the pre-patch bag which is only up for a few weeks.

The Council of Blood Dance Intermission Reworked
11th Sep 2020 · Wowhead News · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

The Council of Blood Dance Intermission Reworked - Synchronized Dance with Your Raid
Ever since the Council of Blood showed up in Castle Nathria's dungeon journal, players have been excited about the...

Druids to Train Expert Riding to Fly in Shadowland
11th Sep 2020 · Wowhead News · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Druids Must Train Expert Riding to Fly in Shadowlands
Druids have long enjoyed many benefits due to their shapeshifting capabilities, once of which has been the ability to...

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